“Cardiology” the name that has derived from the Greek word ‘Cardia’ means ‘Heart’ and ‘Logy’ means a ‘Study of’, Cardiology is a part of internal medicine and is involved to deal with various heart illnesses. Most cardiovascular diseases show some common signs and symptoms depending from one type of disease to another which include chest ache and discomfort, shortness of breath, feeling of fatigue. These symptoms can create confusion among the patients and instead of visiting the best heart hospital, they start self-treatment. Sometimes self-treatment worsens the situation of the patient and if anybody feels Numbness in the legs or arms, pain in the neck, upper abdomen, and throat, rapid increase in heartbeats, swelling of the legs, ankles, and feet, without any delay they should immediately approach to their nearest best heart hospital.

Dr. Sankalp Sharma is a cardiologist with vast knowledge about the subject he has performed more than 2000 coronary angioplasties and numerous cardiac procedures like peripheral artery stenting, pacemaker implantation, ICD implantation. He has vast experience in managing heart failure patients.

He has worked in FORTIS HOSPITAL MOHALI for 4 years. After that, he has worked tirelessly at Civil hospital sector 6 Panchkula for three years where he performed multiple cardiac procedures and managed all kind of heart diseases. He then moved to PARAS hospital panchkula where he assisted and performed many complex cardiac procedures using contemporary techniques eq. Rotablation, IVL and bifurcation stenting. He also had the opportunity in assisting TAVI procedures which is a latest advancement in the field of cardiology, its is a minimal invasive technique for aortic valve replacement. At present he has joined SHALBY HOSPITAL MOHALI in phase 9 mohali as Senior Consultant Cardiology this hospital is equipped with seimens artis cath lab which is in a class by itself.

He runs his own clinic at Mohali by the name of BHOR DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE AND HEART CLINIC where the main focus is Prevention of heart disease by diet, lifestyle modification, and using adjuvant drug therapy for the management of diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and antihypertensive drugs.


Dr Sanklap is committed to provide quality and most affordable healthcare to all

Qualification: DNB CARDIOLOGY
Experience: 6 Years