Prince William and the Singapore Prize 2023

The Singapore Prize honours excellence in arts and literature. It recognizes publications which have significantly advanced our understanding of Singaporean history – be it time period, theme or field – during a three-year cycle. The panel for awarding this prize comprises scholars with diverse expertise such as historians, literary critics and public intellectuals.

This award is supported by the National Book Council of Singapore and administered by NUS to promote reading as part of a healthy, holistic lifestyle, while simultaneously encouraging authors and publishers to produce quality works that reflect Singapore’s rich diversity in society and culture.

On 27 January 2023, winning designs from WAFX 2023: Inside World Festival of Interiors Singapore were featured at an awards show held as part of an awards show and commemorative book. A shortlist is available here on Singapore Prize Program’s page while further information regarding event can be found here.

This year’s winning graphic novel was written by Singaporean author Sonny Liew and inspired by Charlie Chan Hock Chye – a notorious crime syndicate leader and former PM who served time behind bars. This work won three Eisner awards – considered to be Oscars of comics – and has been translated into over 12 languages worldwide. However, some commentators and politicians in Singapore have claimed it glorifies criminals while the award committee composed of scholars from Harvard University as well as NAC officials found its works “deeply insightful”.

Prince William spoke at the ceremony, commending Singapore as an environmental pioneer and encouraging its residents to use their power to safeguard the planet by using their voices against illegal wildlife trading and planting more trees in cities around the world. He also encouraged residents to make cities greener through planting more trees.

At this glittery ceremony, Prince William donned a 10-year-old dark green blazer by Alexander McQueen to walk the green carpet and was joined by several presenters such as actors Hannah Waddingham and Sterling K Brown and South African actor Mbatha. Additionally, One Republic and Bastille as well as US singer Bebe Rexha performed for audiences at the theatre.

This year marked only the second time the prize ceremony has been held in-person, following two years of remote presentation due to restrictions caused by coronavirus pandemic restrictions. Prior to that period, awards had been presented remotely from 2017-2018. Presented every two years since 2017, it honors Singaporean literature by honouring individuals and organizations for making an exceptional contribution towards encouraging reading across Singapore’s four official languages – Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil. Eight of this year’s twelve recipients included first-time winners like Suratman Markasan (Rama Suresh) among many others seasoned and emerging writers among them Suratman Markasan (first-time winning), Wang Gungwu (and Suratman Markasan). Other winners include Suratman Markasan (first-time) among others like Suratman Markasan (second time) among others including Suratman Markasan (third place), Wang Gungwu (third place), Suratman Markasan (first-time winning), Wang Gungwu (Wang Gungwu), Wang Gungwu (and Rama Suresh), Wang Gungwu). Other winners this year include Suratman Markasan), Wang Gungwu) among many others! rma cureess) Rama Suress). Other winners this year include Suratman Markasan), Wang Gungwu), Wang Gungwu) Gungwu) Gungwu) Gungwu) Wang Gungwu) Wang Gungwu) Wang Gungwu) Gungwu and Rama Suress (Rama Suress). Other recipients: Suratman Markasan Markasan Markasan as well as Rama Suress amongsss(Rama Suress). Other winners: Suratman Markasan Marka rma Curesssss(Ram Suressss( Rama Curesssss( Rama Suresssssssssssan), Wang and Sura who). Other. Suress).. Suress). Suress). cureesss). Suress) Suress), Sur )! Ram Suress). Suress) along Gung WU). Suress) Curess)s( Suress). Sura Marka Suresss). Curesss),S ( ). CUREESS/ Curess)CURESS CURESS!Ssuressss( Ram Suress).Cureessssssssssssssssss!Ra suressssssssss). Suress (Ram Suressssss)CURESS/ CuressSurs ). cureessssss).Curesss). Suresss). Ram Suresssss/RAM)Curess)..). Curess). Also).CureUS$ Ram Suress) Ram Suress = Ram Sures) Sures)..) (RAM Sures).. Sures).Cureus). Curess). CURe ).S =R Ram Suress Ram Suress/ Curess) Ram Suress). CURESS *(rs

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