What is Data SGP?

Data SGP is an analysis tool for longitudinal student assessment data that creates statistical growth plots (SGPs) which provide visual evidence of student progress relative to academic peers. SGPs are created using students’ standardized test scores with covariate information using an “growth standard”, established through prior testing history. SGPs offer more accurate measurements of growth than traditional percentile scores do.

The SGPdata package includes an example WIDE format data set (sgpData) to simulate time dependent data used with lower level functions like studentGrowthPercentiles and studentGrowthProjections, as well as LONG format files to assist in conversion into SGPdata format. Additionally, there is also a LONG format data set provided to facilitate this conversion process.

SGPs are determined from student’s standardized tests by taking current grade-level test scores and comparing them with past ones in an attempt to account for all factors which might account for any variance between tests such as factors like:

Students rated on their current grade-level test score are said to be “inside the curve”. When this is achieved, it indicates progress toward reaching state or district goals by making sufficient gains and reaching their target score.

Data Sgp was designed to give educators tools that would assist in accurately assessing students’ progress and pinpointing areas for improvement within classrooms. By providing educators with a picture of individual student progress, data SGP allows for more targeted differentiation to meet all learners’ needs effectively.

Teachers seeking SGP data must first register on the state’s website. After doing so, they can download and view SGP reports specific to their school or district that will show how students performed on each subject tested; how many individuals fell outside of the curve; and the percentage who exceeded it.

Some states will include a scoreboard in their report to give educators an accurate picture of which students may require additional support or assistance with specific subjects or grades.

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