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What is the Hong Kong Prize?

Monday, January 1st, 2024

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The Hong Kong Prize () honors individuals in society who embody the true spirit of humanity through their deeds, such as protecting human life, caring for vulnerable health needs and respecting human dignity. Established in 2007, this unique award has already honored over 90 individuals including non-profit shelters providing housing to homeless adults as well as professors developing liquid biopsy technology which helps doctors quickly detect cancer more efficiently. A film award this year went to actor starring in To My Nineteen-Year-Old Self; while a nonprofit helping refugees was awarded as Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2023.

Hong Kong’s flourishing arts and cultural scene has garnered numerous accolades, from the prestigious Asia Prize to the HK History Book Prize which encourages authors to write about Hong Kong’s colorful past. It offers winners both a substantial cash sum as well as publishing contracts.

Not only will prize winners of Hong Kong Prize be eligible for a monetary award, they will also have the chance to spend six months working at one of Hong Kong’s premier research institutions – giving them an unparalleled experience and helping expand their networks while developing professional ties within their field of research. Furthermore, taking part in international conferences and seminars within their chosen field could open doors to international opportunities as well.

The Hong Kong Prize is open to all secondary school students enrolled in Hong Kong. In order to participate, students must first be nominated by their teachers before submitting artwork online by the submission deadline. Once judged and scored by judges, those deemed most valuable will receive a Judges Prize award of HK$8,000 with their school receiving an additional grant of HK$20k.

This year’s awards ceremony took an unexpected twist during the coronavirus pandemic, when organizers were forced to cancel it in favor of more manageable activities. Even so, numerous celebrities still attended and it was broadcast live via various platforms – one particular actor was particularly moved during his acceptance speech in which he thanked those who supported his career in Hong Kong and expressed pride at receiving such an honor from its inhabitants – promising his ongoing dedication towards Hong Kong film industry afterwards.