Top 5 Hong Kong Pools

hongkong pools

Swimming can provide not only effective cardiovascular exercise, but it can also boost metabolism and release endorphins which help reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. Swimming also serves as an ideal form of relaxation when humidity levels increase – so why not make a splash-outing splash at one of Hong Kong’s spectacular pools? We have rounded up all the best hotel pools here so you can start swimming today.

At 118 floors high on the International Commerce Center lies one of the world’s highest rooftop pools – situated 118th Floor’s International Commerce Center this pool provides breathtaking views of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour from floor-to-ceiling windows, while LCD screens display images such as bubbles, tropical fishes, clouds and beach scenes for an immersive sensory experience. Although typically exclusively reserved for hotel guests only during special events.

Hong Kong Ocean Park’s indoor pool is more than a place for swimmers – it’s also a fun, interactive water park! The main draw of its indoor pool is a giant shark tank featuring resident stingrays and sea turtles; other attractions include lazy river rides, water slides, kiddie splash pad play areas and an aqua-trekking course. Plus it’s all surrounded by restaurants and bars making this pool an ideal location to unwind with lunch or cocktails in the water!

Even after the second phase of social-distancing rules were eased, many public pools remained closed due to staff shortages for over a week due to recreational and sports professionals general union reports revealing 20 of 45 pools informed swimming clubs they would close lanes or facilities reserved for instruction – prompting fears classes will be cancelled altogether. In response, Leisure and Cultural Services Department announced 14 pools had reopened; another 24 would follow next Monday.

Many expats enjoy taking advantage of hotel pools to stay fit, while public pools provide an effective means of exercise. From luxurious poolside cocktails to indulgent massages, Hong Kong hotels provide facilities suitable for swimmers of all ages and abilities. If moving with children, look for developments with large outdoor pools or larger apartment complexes with multiple towers that feature communal swimming pools; these will enable your children to get some much-needed physical exercise, meet new people, and create great family vacation memories!

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